Chemistry & Physics

AASU Department of Biology and Department of Chemistry and Physics undergraduate students Chaney Durham, Ryan Groom, Elijah Jackson, Katie McCormac, Phung-Hoang Nguyen , Faye Montgomery, Christian Marocco and Laura Wright all presented their undergraduate research projects at the 241st American Chemical Society National Meeting, Spring 2011.  The meeting was located in Anaheim California March 27-31, 2011.  The undergraduate students represented the research labs of Drs. Feske, Lynch, Nivens and Padgett in the Department of Chemistry and Physics and Dr. Mateer in the Department of Biology as well as Dr. Guiseppe Gumina of South University and Dr. Tad Whitesides of Savannah River National Laboratory.  ACS National meetings typically attract 12-14 thousand scientists from around the world and allow undergraduate students the premier professional venue to present their work and network with chemists from academia, industry and government.  The work was supported by the National Science Foundation through the Science Talent Expansion Program (STEP, Nivens) and Research at Undergraduate Institutions (RUI, Feske, Mateer and Padgett) program.  The titles of the individual presentations are listed below.

A. "Synthesis of γ-ketonitriles and their enzymatic enantioselective reduction", Authors:  Wright, Feske
B. "Biocatalytic, stereoselective reduction of 4-chlorobenzoylacetonitrile using a reductase library", Authors:  Jackson, Feske

C. "Stereoselective reduction of β-keto nitriles using a reductase library", Authors:  Jackson, Feske, Hizer, Mateer
D. "Synthesis of fosfomycin using whole-cell biocatalysis as the key step", Authors:  Marocco, Feske
E. "Characterizing the substrate binding specificity of an aldo-keto reductase YDL124w", Authors:  Montgomery, Feske, Mateer, Padgett
F. "Stereochemical predictions of the products from a carbonyl reductase from sporobolomyces salmonicolor through docking and molecular dynamics", Authors:  Nguyen, Feske, Mateer Padgett
G. "Studies on the catalytic dehalogenation of environmental contaminants mediated by nanoparticle photochemistry", Authors:  Groom, Lynch, Nivens
H. "Photodegradation of brominated organic pollutants by Au and ZnS nanoparticles", Authors:  McCormac, Lynch, Nivens
I.  "Enumeration and study of substituted naphthalenes", Authors:  Durham, Padgett
Other undergraduate co-authors on the presentations but not at the meeting included:  Robert Cook, Daniel W Canady, Erica Cooper, Greg Murrell, Randall Nowill, Trisha Patel, David Beasley, Jose Alvarez, Erik Davis, Julie Finnell, Beth Budden, Mandy Beers, Michael Page, Andrea Orrego, Eric Davis, Crystal Archer, Timothy Simpson.