Chemistry & Physics

Dr. Werner publishes a paper on MRI contrast agents

11/02/09, 11am

Eric Werner, Chemistry, has published a paper in the latest issue of Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging on novel research related to using gadolinium(III) complexes as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents. These complexes allow for greater tissue differentiation in medical imaging by changing the relaxation properties of water. The paper was coauthored with Profs. Mauro Botta and Silvio Aime of the University of Turin, Italy, and Prof. Kenneth N. Raymond of the University of California, Berkeley. The full reference is: Werner, E. J.; Botta, M.; Aime, S.; Raymond, K. N. "Effect of a Mesitylene-Based Ligand Cap on the Relaxometric Properties of Hydroxypyridonate Gd(III) MRI Contrast Agents." Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging, 2009, 4, 220-229.