Chemistry & Physics

In July of 2011, Dr. Richard Wallace (Chemistry and Physics) attended The Green Chemistry in Education Workshop at the University of Oregon.  The workshop was offered as part of the National Science Foundation sponsored Chemistry Collaborations, Workshops and Communities of Scholar (CCWCS) program.  The weeklong workshop was held in Eugene, OR from July 16-21 and included a combination of classroom lectures, laboratory experimental time and discussions.  One of the major goals of the workshop was to assist faculty who want to adapt their existing curriculum in the organic chemistry laboratory courses to one that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable.   One of the aspects that made this particular workshop especially useful was the large amount of time dedicated to hands-on laboratory time that allowed the participants to actually carry out the experiments and determine which ones they would like to incorporate into their own courses at their home institutions.

The Department of Chemistry at The University of Oregon is recognized around the world as one of the leaders in the development of Green Chemistry experiments for the organic chemistry laboratory.  In fact the workshop leaders have recently published an organic chemistry laboratory textbook in this area, "Green Organic Chemistry: Strategies, Tools, and Laboratory Experiments," by Kenneth M. Doxsee and James E. Hutchison.