Chemistry & Physics

Dr. Gary Guillet joins the chemistry program at Armstrong as assistant professor of chemistry

Dr. Gary Guillet has joined the Department of Chemistry and Physics as a new tenure-track assistant professor of chemistry.  Dr. Guillet recieved a B.S. in chemistry from the University of Florida. His Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry is from the University of Florida as well with a dissertation titled: "Synthetic Development of Heterocyclic Based Extractants for the Selective Recognition and the Separation of f-Elements in Biphasic Systems" under the direction of Michael Scott.  Following his  Ph.D., completed a poster doctoral appointment under the direction of Dr. Leslie Murray at UF studying bimetallic complex design.   Dr. Guillet will support instruction in the inorganic chemistry curriculum, general chemistry as well as conducting undergraduate research in the area of ligand design, synthetic inorganic and multi-electron pathways.