Chemistry & Physics

The Chemistry and Biology Programs receive an NSF MRI grant to purchase a LCMS-TOF instrument

09/29/09, 4pm

Drs Feske (PI-Chemistry), Wallace (Chemistry), Nivens (Chemistry), Lynch (Chemistry), Mateer (Biology), Collier (Biology) and Marriott (Sav. State University-Chemistry) have recently received $277,326 from the National Science Foundation. The 3 year grant, ""MRI: Acquisition of an LCMS-TOF Mass Spectrometer for Interdisciplinary Research" NSF — MRI — 0923153" will provide funds to purchase a high end mass spectrometer to support undergraduate research of the PI's as well as curriculum enhancements in the two programs. The LCMS allows for non-volitile biological and unstable compounds to be analyzed compared to GC-MS which tends to decompose or not separate these type compounds.