Dr. Jay Hodgson

Assistant Professor
Office: SC 1004

Research Webpage


Courses Taught

  • BIOL 1107 - Principles of Biology I
  • BIOL 1108 - Principles of Biology II
  • BIOL 2010 - Microbiology
  • BIOL 3050 - General Ecology
  • BIOL 3250 - Limnology
  • BIOL 3030 - Evolution
  • BIOL 4801 - Senior Seminar - General Biology
  • BIOL 4802 - Senior Seminar - Marine Biology
  • BIOL 4910 - Research
  • BIOL 4970 - Special Topics - Stream Ecology

Academic Profile

  • Ph.D. - The University of Alabama
  • M.S. - University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
  • B.S. - St. Norbert College

Research Interests

  • Climate change
  • Diatoms as ecological indicators
  • Diatom paleolimnology
  • Foraging ecology
  • Niche ecology
  • Environmental analogs

Selected Publications

  • Hodgson, Jay Y.S., and Scott C. Mateer.  2015.  Inquiry-based instruction of compound microscopy using simulated paleobiogeography.  The American Biology Teacher 77:363-368.
  • Purdom, Thomas, Aaron Schoofs, James Hodgson, Tod Maki, and Jay Y.S. Hodgson. 2015.  A thirty year diet record of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) from a small north temperate lake. BIOS 86:20-30.
  • Hodgson, Jay Y.S., Amelia K. Ward, and Clifford N. Dahm.  2013.  An independently corroborated, diatom-inferred record of long-term drought cycles occurring over the last two millennia in New Mexico, USA.  Inland Waters 3(4):459-472. DOI: 10.5268/IW-3.4.629.
  • Natt, Jasdeep, Ray Hashemi, Azita Bahrami, Mahmood Bahar, Nicholas Tyler, and Jay Hodgson.  2012.  Predicting future climate using algae sedimentation.  Information Technology – New Generation 9:560-565.  DOI: 10.1109/ITNG.1212.121.
  • Hodgson, James R., Carol J. Hodgson, Jay Y.S. Hodgson.  2008.  Water mites in the diet of largemouth bass.  Journal of Freshwater Ecology 23:327-331.
  • Hodgson, James R., Jay Y.S. Hodgson, and Elizabeth Charipar.  2006.  Niche dynamics of largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) in a north temperate lake.  Mitteilungen Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie 29:1635-1638.
  • Hodgson, Jay Y.S., John R. Stoll, and Richard C. Stoll.  2006.  Evaluating the effectiveness of a fixed wellhead protection area delineation: regional case study.  Journal of the American Water Resources Association 42:409-423.
  • Hodgson, Jay Y.S., James R. Hodgson, Greg Bunker, and Joseph Miller.  2006.  Predictive relationships between the canopy overstory and the herbaceous understory in a northeastern Wisconsin forest.  The Michigan Botanist 44:139-147.
  • Hodgson, Jay Y.S.  2005.  A trophic cascade synthesis: review of top-down mechanisms regulating lake ecosystems.  BIOS 76:137-144.
  • Cochran, Philip A., Jay Y.S. Hodgson, and Andrew P. Kinziger.  2003.  Change in energy density of the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) during its parasitic phase: implications for modeling food consumption and growth.  Journal of Great Lakes Research 29 (Supplement 1): 297-306.
  • Hodgson, Jay Y.S.  2002.  Source water assessment implementation obstacles: are transient noncommunity wells not as important?  Water Resources Impact 4(2):17-19.
  • Hodgson, Jay Y.S., and James R. Hodgson.  2000.  Exploring optimal foraging by largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides) from three experimental lakes.  Mitteilungen Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie 27:1757-1762.
  • Hodgson, Jay Y.S.  1995.  Blind duty versus moral duty.  The Freshman Reader 13:80-82.