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Part 3-Institutional Assessment of Compliance: Focused Report


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Section 2: Core Requirements

2.2 Governing Board

2.5 Institutional Effectiveness

2.8 Faculty

2.9 Learning Resources and Services

2.10 Student Support Services

2.11.1 Financial Resources


Section 3: Comprehensive Standards

3.2.2 Governing Board Control

3.2.3 Board Conflict of Interest

3.2.4 External Influence

3.2.5 Board Dismissal

3.2.6 Board/Administration Distinction

3.2.7 Organizational Structure

3.2.8 Qualified Administrative/Academic Officers

3.2.9 Personnel Appointment

3.2.11 Control of Intercollegiate Athletics

3.2.12 Fund-Raising Activities

3.2.14 Intellectual Property Rights

3.3.1 Institutional Effectiveness

3.4.1 Academic Program Approval

3.4.6 Practices for Awarding Credit

3.4.7 Consortia Relationships/Contractual Agreements

3.4.9 Academic Support Services

3.4.11 Academic Program Coordination

3.5.1 General Education Competencies

3.5.2 Institutional Credits for Degree

3.7.1 Faculty Competence

3.7.2 Faculty Evaluation

3.7.4 Academic Freedom

3.7.5 Faculty Role in Governance

3.9.2 Student Records

3.9.3 Qualified Staff

3.10.3 Control of Finances

3.10.4 Control of Sponsored Research/External Funds

3.11.1 Control of Physical Resources

3.11.3 Physical Facilities

3.13.3 Policy Compliance: Complaint Procedures

3.13.4 Policy Compliance: Reaffirmation of Accreditation and Subsequent Reports


Section 4: Federal Requirements

4.5 Student Complaints

4.8 Distance and Correspondence Education

4.9 Definition of Credit Hours