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FAQs - Radiologic Sciences Online Programs

How long will it take me to complete the degree?

That depends on the number of classes you are able to take each semester and the amount of college credit you have already received. Because you are allowed to work at your own pace, you may take as little as one course per semester or as many as five courses each term.

Are all the classes offered online?

The science sequence core requirement in AREA D is not available online through Armstrong but may be completed at a regionally accredited institution in your area or online through Georgia eCore. This is true for all tracks. Moreover if you hold both primary and secondary certifications, then it is possible to complete all requirements online for the clinical track and the non-clinical track. If you hold only a primary certification, all but the two clinical education courses in the clinical track are offered online. All but five of the management track courses are offered online.

Will I be able to complete the degree at my own pace?

Yes, as flexible time frames for starting and completing the degree are available.

Is the program accredited?

Yes, Regional accreditation is through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Will I be given college credit for my certification?

Yes. Upon completion of 80 semester hours towards the degree, you will be awarded equivalency credit hours in the major. The amount of credit will be based on your academic record and professional portfolio but usually amounts to thirty-three semester hours.


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