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Plan of Study Medical Laboratory Science BS Fast Track

1st Term: Fall
Course Credit
MEDT 3100 *W 2
MEDT 3600 *W 3
MEDT 3700 *W 3
MEDT 4110 *W 1
MEDT 4610 *W 1
MEDT 4710 *W 1
MEDT 3500 *W 5
Total Credit Hours: 16
2nd Term: Spring
Course Credit
MEDT 4510 *W 3
MEDT 3300 *W 5
MEDT 3200 *W 5
MEDT 3800 *W 3
Total Credit Hours: 16
3rd Term: Summer
Course Credit
MEDT 4310 *W 3
MEDT 4210 *W 3
MEDT 3400 *W 5
MEDT 4410 *W 3
Total Credit Hours: 14
4th Term: Fall
Course Credit
MEDT 4600 *W 5
MEDT 4900 *W 3
POLS 1100 *W 3
Total Credit Hours: 11

*W = fully online courses reserved for online and blended program students. These courses are offered annually during the identified semesters.

**V = fully online or partially online courses, defined by instructional method, available for all students at Armstrong with the exception of freshmen enrolled in on-campus programs in their first two semesters. Online and blended students will work with their academic advisors to identify V courses that will assist them with fulfilling pre-requisite requirements for program completion as well as elective options.

***PE- Students have the option of taking PE in the summer. However, students must be enrolled in at least 9 credits to qualify for financial aid.

Note: Area D "science with lab" sequence courses are not currently available in a fully or partially online format. To fulfill program completion requirements, students have two options for completing their Area D science with lab requirement:
  • Enroll in equivalent science with lab courses at another college/university as a transient student. Note: The course content for each course must be equivalent to the course descriptions provided in Armstrong's Undergraduate Catalog to receive transfer credit.
  • Enroll in Armstrong's on-campus science lab courses.

Note: This Program Plan of Study is designed to be completed within two-years, 5 semesters, based on fall enrollment and continuous enrollment. Students who stop out must work with their academic advisor on revising their program plan as needed since some courses are only offered during specific semesters each year. Program completion may also be slightly altered depending upon the number of pre-requisite courses needed by students to fulfill degree requirements for program completion.


Format Online
Credits Required 54
Tuition per credit hour
(not including fees)
Financial Aid  

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