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Plan of Study MED Curriculum & Instruction

The program is offered as a cohort program that follows a specific plan of study. Students who follow the program within the cohort will complete the program in two academic years and two summer terms. Students who require flexibility in their schedules and choose not to follow the cohort schedule may take courses based on availability and completion of pre-requisites.

Specific pedagogical content and program courses will be identified by advisor based upon the baccalaureate degree, content field, and approved masters’ level courses that may be considered for transfer into the program.

1st Term: Summer
Course Credit
FOUN7060 3
Content ELECTIVE 3
Total Credit Hours: 6
2nd Term: Fall
Course Credit
FOUN7035 3
FOUN7040 3
Total Credit Hours: 6
3rd Term: Spring
Course Credit
FOUN7045 3
CURI7123*+ 3
Total Credit Hours: 6
4th Term: Summer
Course Credit
CURI7124 3
Content ELECTIVE  
Total Credit Hours: 3
5th Term: Fall
Course Credit
CURI7126+*D 3
Total Credit Hours: 3
6th Term: Spring
Course Credit
CURI7200* 3
Total Credit Hours: 3

D  Disposition
+  Field Experience
*   Key Assessment


Format Online
Credits Required 33
Tuition per credit hour
(not including fees)
Financial Aid  

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