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Graduate Opportunities - M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction

Graduate Career Opportunities

Career opportunities within the field of curriculum and instruction include:

  • Curriculum Development and Assessment.
  • Curriculum specialists
  • Teacher-Leader

Advanced Studies/Continuing Education

This newly program is a GAPSC approved program for Certificate Upgrade.  Completion of this program leads to the newly developed “S” certificate per GAPSC guidelines. Students in this program will be engaged in study of curriculum development, educational assessment, and curriculum leadership

Program Outcomes

The Master of Education program in Curriculum and Instruction is designed to increase the depth and breadth of classroom teachers’ knowledge of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. The educational professionals who complete this program will be prepared to have a positive impact on every student’s learning and will have the knowledge and skills to advocate for and contribute to improvement in education.

Recognizing the professional responsibilities of educators to effect positive change in curriculum, instruction, and student learning, this program is designed to meet the following goals as established by the Georgia Curriculum and Instruction Standards.

Educators who complete the program in Curriculum and Instruction will:

  • Demonstrate advanced ability to design, implement, and evaluate curriculum that promotes student learning
  • Demonstrate advanced ability to plan, implement, and evaluate instruction to facilitate student learning
  • Demonstrate advanced depth and breadth of knowledge and skills I the academic discipline and pedagogy
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the student as  influenced by cognitive, physical, emotional, social, cultural, environmental, and economic factors
  • Demonstrate ability to use research to promote student learning and to contribute to the teaching profession
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of assessment and the ability to use multiple sources of assessment for maximizing student learning
  • Demonstrate high standards for professional practice.

Graduate Outcomes

Graduates from this program will be recognized as curriculum leaders, knowledgeable of current discourse and skills related to developing, implementing and assessing curriculum and instruction that impacts student learning


Format Online
Credits Required 33
Tuition per credit hour
(not including fees)
Financial Aid  

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