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Curriculum Clinical Informatics Certificate

The program has been designed to prepare experienced clinical professionals to become leaders in the research, development, implementation, evaluation and management of information technology solutions to improve patient health outcomes.

Students are required to complete 12 credit hours for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Informatics.

Plan of Study by Semester

The plan of study provides a detailed look by semester at the recommended timing for completing each course in the program.

Program of Study

Program Requirements
MHSA/NURS 6010 Foundations of Clinical Informatics 3 credits
MHSA/NURS 6020 Knowledge/Information Management 3 credits
MHSA/NURS 6030 Project Management 3 credits
MHSA/NURS 6040 Systems Lifecycle and Applications 3 credits
12 credits

Course Descriptions

MHSA/NURS 6010 Foundations of Clinical Informatics
An introduction to contemporary information systems and applications utilized as part of the patient care delivery process. Topics include the history of clinical informatics as a discipline, concepts of health care data, knowledge and information, legal and regulatory environmental issues and the evolution and use of clinical information systems such as electronic medical records, electronic health records, CPOE and various E-health applications.
MHSA/NURS 6020 Information / Knowledge Management
Prerequisite(s): MHSA/NURS 6010
An introduction to the principles of knowledge management and its application to healthcare informatics. The course will address standard knowledge management lifecycle, including acquisition, organization, processing, sharing and operationalization within a healthcare enterprise. Approaches to clinical decision support, diffusion of innovation, data warehouse and data mining will be explored.
MHSA/NURS 6030 Project Management
Prerequisite(s): MHSA/NURS 6010
A survey of methods and techniques used to effectively initiate, plan, control and report on the development and implementation of health information systems projects. The emphasis is on the use of a structured approach to project management, to ensure a well-planned project where scope is managed, risks are assessed and stakeholders’ expectations are met vis-à-vis the end product. This course is aligned with the processes described in the Project Management Institute’s PMBOK® Guide.
MHSA/NURS/CSCI 6040 System Analysis and Design
Prerequisite(s): MHSA/NURS 6010
An overall coverage of a healthcare information system’s life cycle and detailed study of concepts, methodologies and tools currently used in analysis, design and implementation of such a system. Practical understanding of the system development is enforced through team projects in reference to a fictitious healthcare environment.


Format Online
Credits Required 12
Tuition per credit hour
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