Dr. James Brawner
Professor and Head
University Hall 297D
Department of Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences with Teacher Certification

The study of mathematics satisfies a wide range of interests because it promotes the study of patterns and structures, trains in clear and logical thought, and develops the imagination. Mathematics plays an integral role in a variety of professions.

The mathematics program at Armstrong State University offers a very strong and flexible major. Three basic concentrations in mathematics are available to students: pure mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematics education. The strength and flexibility of the program allow a student to acquire the academic background to pursue graduate studies in a variety of different disciplines or to prepare to seek employment in a variety of work environments.

Career Opportunities

Skills at problem solving and analysis developed in a mathematics major are readily applicable in a wide range of work assignments, including many work assignments that are not specifically mathematical in nature. Industries that employ significant numbers of mathematics majors include the banking and finance industry, utilities, manufacturing, and insurance. Many mathematics majors choose to enhance their preparation for a profession by attending graduate school.

The intellectual skills developed by studying mathematics are highly regarded by graduate and professional programs. Graduates with these skills are warmly received and are academically successful in such programs as public administration, business, law, medicine, meteorology, environmental science and industrial hygiene. Beyond these opportunities, there is always a need for energetic, dedicated mathematics teachers to assume positions of responsibility in our schools.


Nationally known employers of Armstrong mathematics graduates include IBM, Digital Electronics, Procter and Gamble, NASA, Rice University and McDonald Douglas. Local employers include Gulfstream, International Paper, Savannah Electric, Savannah Foods, City of Savannah, the Chatham County School System and several local private schools.

Program Features

Students in mathematics at Armstrong enjoy small classes that allow students to be known by name and valued as individuals. Discussion between faculty and students often spills over beyond the classroom. Indeed, once a week students and faculty gather for a luncheon and a lecture or discussion on a topic of interest in mathematics or computer science. Often opportunities are available for an undergraduate to team with a professor to conduct research and present the findings in this forum. Mathematics teams compete in regional and national competitions, including the prestigious Putnam examinations.

We also offer a dual degree program. Students may, in five years of study, simultaneously earn the B.S. degree in mathematical science from Armstrong and a bachelor's degree in engineering from one of several regional schools of engineering that participate in the dual degree program.

Course of Study

Students in mathematics complete at least 11 courses (36 semester hours) in mathematics at the level of calculus and beyond and one course in computer programming. Students choosing the applied mathematics option also complete a second computer programming course and a concentration from one related area such as actuarial science, chemistry, physics and engineering, computer science, economics, operations research or biology. Students choosing the mathematics education option complete a professional education sequence in addition to the major.