Dr. Beth Howells
Interim Department Head

Dr. William Deaver
Spanish Department Coordinator

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

A degree in Spanish provides:

  • A broad liberal arts education with emphasis on both Peninsular and Latin American language, culture, and literature.
  • Preparation for those seeking careers in teaching.
  • Academic training for those who wish to pursue graduate studies in the field.

Students who earn a four-year degree in Spanish at Armstrong State University will study and comprehend the historical role and cultural value of the Spanish-speaking world, and will be able to use this knowledge in communication settings.

Career Opportunities

Spanish prepares graduates for careers in teaching, federal and state agencies, the military, international business or law, the diplomatic corps, translation and social services.

With the influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants as well as the native Spanish-speaking population, the United States has become the third largest Spanish-speaking country. Consequently, the Hispanic segment of society will become the most prevalent minority group. The burgeoning Hispanic population will increase demands for bilingual education, public officials and public servants. Moreover, bilingual graduates will have an advantage in the health professions and in business.

Program Features

Spanish majors and minors have access to the department's language lab, equipped with computers, language software, study resources, and foreign language tutors.

Course of Study

Spanish majors are required to complete 30 credit hours in upper-level Spanish classes. These classes include language classes (conversation, composition, grammar and syntax), classes in all literary genres, and classes devoted to the study of Latin American and Spanish culture. Spanish majors seeking teacher certification must also take the appropriate education courses and complete a student teacher internship.