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Master of Education in Reading Specialist Education


The M.Ed. in Reading Specialist Education is designed to develop literacy leaders who can work to improve the literacy skills of individuals from pre-k through grade 12 and beyond.

Program Features

The program is aligned with the International Reading Association (IRA) Standards for Reading Professionals, Revised as well as the Standards for Literacy Coaches.

The Armstrong program meets the following goals:

  • Develop reading specialists who have a deep understanding of literacy and best practices for improving literacy skills.
  • Develop highly skilled reading specialists who can
    • serve a broad spectrum of constituencies.
    • serve the literacy skills needs of individuals within the Armstrong service area in southeast Georgia.
    • reduce school dropouts resulting from limited mastery of literacy skills.
    • prevent early learning difficulties that may ultimately lead to school failure.
    • support area communities' efforts to improve the literacy skills of their citizenry.
    • support efforts to increase the literacy skills of the area’s labor force.

Career Opportunities

The reading specialist developed by Armstrong’s M.Ed. in Reading Specialist Education will be prepared to assume a leadership role in schools and agencies that seek to improve the literacy skills and lives of the Georgia workforce.

Program Details

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Program Details