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Pre-Anesthesia Assistant Pathway

Students interested in Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Physician Assistant or Pre-Anesthesia Assistant typically major in Biology or Chemistry but can be ANY MAJOR provided they take the correct pre-requisites. Pre-anesthesia assistant is not an academic major, but a collection of courses designed to help you meet the requirements for admission to AA school. Students are advised on the best course of study by a college advisor (as a freshmen or sophomore) or faculty member in their major department. We encourage all students interested in any of these paths to contact an advisor early in their academic careers to ensure they choose the most appropriate curriculum. Just like medical schools, anesthesia assistant program admission is competitive. Students must score well on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or the Medical College Admission test (MCAT). In addition to course work, most AA programs require that you have experience working in a healthcare setting by shadowing an AA or anesthesiologist. 

Pre-Anesthesia Assistant

The pre-anesthesia assistant program prepares students to take the GRE or MCAT and apply for admission to anesthesia assistant school. After graduation from Armstrong, students apply to anesthesia assistant school to complete their training to become an anesthesia assistant. An anesthesia assistant has a variety of practice opportunities, including working in hospitals and surgical centers.


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