Dr. Anne W. Thompson, EdD, PT
Associate Professor,
Department Head
Fax: 912.344.3469
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences

Doctor of Physical Therapy

The professional curriculum is designed in two phases: systems and lifespan. Courses in the first year use a systems approach with cases in musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, neuromuscular physical therapy, and wound care. In this first year, the students have an opportunity to practice and integrate their professional skills in a simulated clinic course (Case Management). At the end of the first year, students have an 8-week full-time clinical experience to further solidify and integrate this material in the clinical setting. The clinical experience is further enhanced by a clinical synthesis course that allows students to share their experiences with the other students.

In the second year of study, students explore practice topics in more depth within the context of a holistic lifespan approach. At the end of these advanced courses are two final full-time clinical experiences. The clinical experiences are followed by a clinical synthesis course in which students further integrate and share what they have learned during their clinical assignments. This enhances the progressive development of clinical skills, preparing students for entry-level practice.

The curriculum is further integrated by team teaching. Most courses in the curriculum are team taught by at least two faculty members. This helps provide the linkages between courses and provides preparation for the team model in which health professionals deliver the best quality care.

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