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Amy Delince
Department Secretary

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Department of Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

The Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice is designed to provide students with a broad introduction to the field of criminal justice that can fold into more advanced study at the baccalaureate level. Instructors in Criminal Justice blend practical experience with the scholarship of the discipline to prepare students for positions in the criminal justice field at local, state, and federal levels.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities at the federal level include positions with the following:

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Secret Service
  • Department of Immigration and Naturalization
  • Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • National Security Agency
  • U.S. Marshals Service, Border Patrol, and Customs.

Positions also exist in probation, parole, juvenile counseling, prosecution and public defenders’ offices, sheriffs’ departments, and in state, municipal, and county police departments. Private sector positions are available in insurance companies, social service agencies and private corporations.

Program Details