Dr. James Brawner
Mathematics Department Head
College of Science & Technology, Department of Mathematics

Certificate in Actuarial Sciences

The Certificate in Actuarial Sciences program at Armstrong combines courses from mathematics, statistics, and economics to prepare students for the first two actuarial exams, Probability (Exam P) and Financial Mathematics (Exam FM), and to provide all of the educational experiences listed by the Validation of Educational Experiences (VEE) Requirements to become an actuary. The certificate program has been approved by the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society for this purpose.

Career Opportunities

Actuaries often work in insurance-related fields to calculate the likelihood of uncertain events and to design strategies to minimize risk. The career of actuary consistently ranks at the top of annual lists of best careers. In a recent Wall Street Journal article (April 22, 2013), it was ranked number 1 out of 200 careers, in terms of best quality of life. The good salaries, safe workplace environment, reasonable working hours, and relatively low stress all contribute to its attractiveness as a career. 

Program Features

The Certificate in Actuarial Sciences program at Armstrong is one of only three such programs in Georgia approved by national actuarial societies. The certificate program is a good fit for students majoring in applied mathematics and choosing actuarial science as their concentration area. Other students may wish to combine the certificate with a major in economics or a business-related degree. Students who complete the program of study may earn the Certificate in Actuarial Sciences while they complete any degree program at Armstrong.

Course of Study

Students in the Certificate in Actuarial Sciences program complete 21 hours of courses ranging from economics to mathematics to statistics. In order to complete the certificate, students must earn a grade of B or higher in the following courses: ECON 3050, ECON 3060, ECON 3230, ECON 3700, MATH 4200, STAT 3211, and STAT 3222. The certificate will only be offered to students who are earning a degree while completing the requirements for the certificate; an official certificate and transcript annotation will be awarded at the time of completion of the degree.


Program Details