Undergraduate Research Assistants

College of Liberal Arts


In fall 2012, the College of Liberal Arts started a Research Assistants Program with funds set aside from Governor Nathan Deal’s Complete College Georgia grant.  Twelve faculty members personally selected undergraduates to work with them on their scholarship throughout the academic year. This unique opportunity shows students what goes on outside the classroom and gives them hands-on experience conducting field-specific research.  Student Research Assistants have been working on transcribing field notes, letters & oral interviews, photocopying and summarizing primary and secondary literature, reading research reports for cohesiveness and clarity of expression, creating genealogy charts, analyzing data, mining newspapers for particular details, creating maps using Google maps and other mapping software, compiling bibliographies, collecting sources for review, adapting citations into discipline-specific format, identifying photographs, and reading sources for background.  Students are developing new skills working with Zotero, Photostory, iPhoto, Photoshop, rhizoanalysis using mapping software, and discovering previously unknown databases.  All CoLA RAs meet monthly to discuss relevant topics and build relationships with each other.Working closely with a faculty mentor gives students a preview of what graduate work would be like.  Many RAs have created their own independent studies with their mentor professors so they can pursue a sub-field area of interest and delve into their own questions for academic credit.  All RAs will present their findings at the Student Scholars Symposium in April.

Jennifer Slate and Nicholas Byrd (former Research Assistants) pictured at left.