Real World Experiences

Dr. Monica Rausch, Assistant Professor of English, organizes summer internships for Armstrong students to hone their job skills and help them apply what they have learned in the classroom. Fittingly, she requires students to do much of the research of finding an internship on their own. She believes, “researching, applying for, and interviewing for an internship are all part of the internship’s learning process.”  She wants students to remember that the skills they use to get an internship are the same ones they will rely on in the future when looking for and applying for a job.  She counsels students not to “find an internship simply to ‘find an internship,’ or to earn course credit.  Interns who have done this in the past report getting very little of use out of the internship and have been miserable while completing it. This internship is your first opportunity to work in your future career field, so make the most of it!”

In 2010, English major, Dashiell Coleman, had an internship with the Savannah Morning News.  He submitted reports for the metro section of the newspaper.  He raved about his experience, “Translating what I saw into print to relay to the general public was nothing short of a wonderful experience. I’m now a more confident writer and I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. I’m excited to have chosen this career path and I can’t wait to get started writing for a living.” Check our Dash's Armstrong Experience for more on his internship work.