Independent Study

Undergraduate research involves students working closely with faculty, and independent studies provide opportunities for close collaboration. 

Want to dig deeper into a topic covered in class?  Students can approach professors to create specific courses just for them that allow students to focus in on what interests them most.  In some cases, a small group of students join together to take an independent study course.  In spring 2011, Dr. Beth Howells, Associate Professor of English, supervised a small group of undergraduates studying the novella.  The course was crafted just for them and the small size allowed for deeper and more frequent conversation on the subject. 

Want to balance an internship with an academic experience?  Independent studies can allow students to create an academic project that reflects what they are doing off campus.

Want to create a capstone project?  Independent studies are good vehicles for students to get course credit for devoting themselves to completing a special project that reflects the skills they have studied in the major field.  Each department has its own guidelines for students; talk to a professor or the department chair for more information on pursuing independent studies

For a list of Faculty Research Interests, click on the .pdf survey available on the Mentoring tab of the Undergraduate Research in Liberal Arts webpage.