Dr. Jonathan Roberts works with a group of students during an honors class.

Honors Program

Founded in 1996, the Honors Program at Armstrong has rapidly developed into a vibrant community of student leaders. The Program offers talented, motivated students across disciplines a chance to take creative, small classes in the place of general education requirements. It also offers the opportunity to apply intellectual curiosity to independent projects; all Honors graduates must complete an Honors project.

Honors courses reflect the creative, student-centered approach to learning that is central to the program's mission. Classroom experiences in the Honors Program are enhanced by extracurricular opportunities such as field trips, community service projects, study-abroad programs, social gatherings, and trips to regional and national conferences where students present the results of their Honors experiences. In sum, the Honors Program embodies the traditional values of a liberal arts education at its best, fosters a commitment to lifelong learning, and serves as a campus testing ground for innovative approaches to teaching and learning.