Arts Study Abroad

An ongoing undergraduate research opportunity based on the Armstrong Argentina Study Abroad Program began in 2008 with a Faculty and Student Collaborative grant and a Faculty Development Teaching and Learning Grant. The original participants were Arts, Music, & Theater faculty members Rachel Green and Angela Horne collaborating with two students, Christine Hefner and Joey Merchant. Based on research gathered during the first Armstrong Study Abroad trip to Salta, Argentina, the team produced a website about the Valle Verde Foundation, a non-profit group established in 1995 in Seclantás, Argentina with the goal of establishing a sustainable craft industry in the area. The website is found at

This project remains ongoing with a study abroad program returning each year to gather additional information to maintain the website. The project has continued each year since 2008 for a total of four programs.

In addition to the website, students also conduct their own individual research, produce creative works based on the research, and display them in the International Exhibit held each year in the Armstrong Fine Arts Gallery.

In 2010, Jessica Anderson, created ceramic vases based on research from the Inca and Calchaqui cultures in northern Argentina. Check out Jessica's art on her Armstrong Experience page.

In 2011, the students studied the pottery, weaving, and woodcarving techniques of the Wichi and Chane culture, attending workshops given by local Wichi and participating in a traditional dance of the Chane.

They also visited artisan’s of Seclantás to learn their weaving techniques. The students displayed their art work and research in the Fine Arts Gallery.