Advisement Procedures

General Information

One of the most important tasks you will perform in your university years is developing a good working relationship with your advisor in the Department of Art, Music & Theatre. Initially you may be advised by faculty advisors during a group advising session. Subsequently you will be assigned to a faculty advisor in the department.

If you are unsure of who may advise you, be assured that any of the full-time faculty members in your area can advise you. However, after your sophomore year you normally would want to seek out advisement with the faculty member who is over your area of concentration.

Students and advisors should discuss the following items: your specific degree objectives, update your degree planning form, discuss course selection and sequencing, recommend courses to take, sign pre-registration forms, discuss any benchmarks to expedite progression through the program including any admission requirements and any standardized testing requirements.

What to Do

  • Declare your degree on your SHIP account if you have not already done so.
  • Pre-advisement usually begins prior to November 1 for Spring and Summer Semester and prior to April 1 for Summer and Fall Semester. Contact your assigned advisor to schedule an appointment or call the Office of the Department of Art, Music & Theatre to make the request. Alternately, each full-time faculty advisor will post an advising signup sheet on their office door approximately one week before advisement begins for you to sign up.
  • Meet with the advisor (by appointment) during the pre-advisement or advisement period to be advised. Advisors are available to you at other times during the semester subject to their office hours.
  • An Advisement Hold can only be lifted once the student has met with the advisor regarding registration.
  • Pick up your student folder and advisement form from the department office just prior to your appointment.