Wind, Brass & Percussion Audition Requirements

All prospective wind, brass, and percussion students must apply for admission, both to the Department of Art, Music & Theatre and Armstrong State University.

Students wishing to major in music or music education are required to audition for the instrumental faculty. Contact one of the primary faculty below to schedule an audition.

Wind & Brass applicants should be prepared to perform the following at the audition:
  • Major Scales through the practical range of their instrument
  • Chromatic Scale two or more octaves
  • Prepared Selection taken from an etude, recital solo, study, or audition piece
  • (piano accompaniments are not required)

Percussion applicants should prepare the following:
  • Snare Drum Solo (something that demonstrates various techniques) & Sight-Reading
  • Mallet Solo (virtually anything that utilizes two mallets, usually played on marimba) and mallet sight-reading
  • Major Scales on a mallet instrument

Applicants are required to take a short music theory diagnostic assessment to determine basic music reading skills. Additionally, applicants are asked to provide a letter of recommendation from their present music director or private teacher where applicable.


Mark B. Johnson
Director of Wind Ensembles & Wind Studies
Conductor-Savannah Winds


Randall Reese
Director of Jazz Studies & Composition

Stephen Primatic
Director of Percussion