Graduate Post-Baccalaureate Certification in Music

The Post-Baccalaureate Program in Music Education is designed as a certification-only, non-degree granting program for individuals who hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution and seek to become certified to teach music in grades P-12. Admitted students will receive an individualized program of study built upon transfer courses (if any) and the requirements for certification. The successful completion of all program requirements will result in a clear, renewable certificate to teach in grades pre-K—12.

Please note that a non-renewable (NR) teaching certificate is a separate process and may be made through the Professional Standards Commission (PSC), in Atlanta (1.800.736.4322 or 1.800.869.7775) or visit the website at If you are adding on an additional certification level, also contact the GA PSC.

There are three steps to being admitted into the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification, non-degree program.

1) Post-Baccalaureate teacher certification in art or music education requires a transcript analysis and is designed for individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree with a major in the content area for which certification is being sought. The institutions must be a regionally-accredited college or university. The successful completion of all program requirements will result in a clear, renewable certificate.

Please complete the Transcript_evaluation-request and send to the address below. Request official transcripts be sent to the same address. Transcripts must be submitted from all institutions you attended for undergraduate or graduate course work whether or not you earned a degree from that institution.

Transcript requests for Art or Music Education should be sent to the department listed below:

Armstrong State University
Department of Art, Music and Theatre
Attn: Dr. Tom Cato
11935 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31419 - 1997

2) Applicant must also submit an application to Graduate Post-Bac Program Admission ( and satisfy admission requirements before she/he will be allowed to take classes.

Any undergraduate course work required may be completed while completing graduate education and art or music education classes. All undergraduate work must be completed prior to enrolling in the Graduate Internship course.

3) The applicant must submit the following to the College of Education: letter of intent, evidence of passing either the GACE Basic Skills [(Test I-Reading (200); Test II-Mathematics (201); and Test III-Writing (202)] scores or acceptable exemption scores on the SAT, GRE, or ACT, proof of tort liability for 3 years from the time of admission, and a cleared background check.

By completing the post-bac art or music education transcript application for the Post-Baccalaureate Program, you are asking the Department of Art, Music and Theatre to examine transcripts of all completed higher education course work and to prepare a program of study which must be completed in order to be recommended for a clear, renewable T-4 teaching certificate. Note that Post-Baccalaureate students seeking initial teacher certification pay graduate fees for all courses taken at AASU.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Dr. Tom Cato, Department Head and Art Education Program Coordinator, at or call 912.344.2556 or Dr. Carol Benton, Music Education Program Coordinator, at or call 912.344.2556.