Military Science

Undergraduate Programs

The program is divided into basic and advanced programs. The basic program focuses on leadership development but also covers subjects such as military history, customs and traditions of the armed forces, Department of Defense Organization, and national defense. There is no incurred service obligation for students taking basic course classes. Advanced program courses consist of instruction and practical exercises in management, tactics, ethics, professionalism, and continued leadership development. Students taking advanced course classes must contract with the Army and accept a commission in either the Active or Reserve forces upon graduation. There are a variety of options for entry into the advanced course allowing students with no prior military training to still participate. Students enrolled in the advanced course of ROTC attend the 30-day Leadership Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, WA, during the summer following the junior year. Contracted students also receive a monthly stipend that pays juniors $450 and seniors $500 a month while enrolled in ROTC.