Languages, Literature, & Philosophy

Undergraduate Programs

We offer a number of different Undergraduate programs. We invite you to learn more about each program below.


Bachelor of Arts in English

We have over 300 English majors here at Armstrong, and if you were to ask them why they were majoring in Englsih you might get 300 different answers. The fact is that an Englsih degree is a passport to jsut about any area of career opportunity that you desire.


Bachelor of Arts in English/ Professional Communications

Professional Communications students experience small classes and high-tech classrooms with state of the art equipment and software.


Bachelor of Arts in Spanish

While earning a BA in Spanish, students have opportunities to take courses in conversation, culture,  history and literature.


Undergraduate Minors

A minor shows that you have studied a subject in some depth and will accordingly have some expertise in that discipline. For instance an English major might opt to minor in Philosphy, French, or Linquistics.


Undergraduate Certificates

The Latin American Studies Certificate demonstrates that a student is vesred in a specific area of Latin American Culture.