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Internship Course Requirements

What kind of position qualifies as a Professional Communication internship? It should be a position in which you can practice and develop a good number of the following skills:

  • Developing community relations, consumer relations, and/or employee relations
  • Problem solving and negotiating
  • Writing informative and persuasive documents
  • Writing news or feature articles
  • News reporting
  • Conducting interviews
  • Working on a deadline
  • Editing and/or copy editing
  • Writing business communications (memos, letters, emails for internal or external use)
  • Employing document design principles
  • Managing or working as a member of a team
  • Managing or collaborating on a project
  • Analyzing and understanding an employer's corporate culture
  • Writing press releases/persuasive marketing pieces
  • Producing oral business communications (phone calls, client meetings, press conferences)
  • Operating audio or video equipment, including cameras, microphones, sound boards, and teleprompters
  • Composing computer graphics for on-air release
  • Directing video production
  • Writing scripts for video production
  • Learning and employing a house style and/or technical vocabulary associated with a specific field
  • Producing or updating a website

The following documents will help familiarize you with our program and the internship course requirements.

The syllabus describes the program from start to finish and tells you exactly what is needed to receive credit for the internship. The grade for the internship is Pass/Fail and is based on the intern supervisor's assessments of you and an essay you write describing the internship experience. The amount of credits an intern receives is based on the number of hours the intern works per week. For more information, download the syllabus.

Internship Agreement
You and your supervisor fill out the internship agreement together and both of you sign this agreement. The intern supervisor agrees to train you, the intern, to perform the given tasks checked on the agreement, while you agree to perform these tasks. If, during the semester, either you or the intern supervisor feel that this agreement is not being met, the two of you should return to it for discussion. The agreement is designed to help you get what you signed on for.

You and the supervisor each keep one copy of the agreement. The signed copy of the agreement must be turned into the Internship Program Director (Aquatics & Recreation Center: Suite 115) before the internship begins.
Internship Agreement (Word)

Supervisor Assessment
These forms are filled out by the intern supervisor at midterms and at finals. Your supervisor should review this form with you at midterms and finals, so you can receive constructive feedback on your performance. Look over these documents before the internship begins, so you know how you will be assessed.
Midterm Assessment (Word)
Final Assessment (Word)

For more information on the internship program,  contact the LLP Department at 912.344.2594.


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