Armstrong Atlantic State University Savannah Georgia

College of Liberal Arts


Languages, Literature, & Philosophy


Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with Teacher Certification

In today's global society, it is ever more important for students to gain knowledge of a foreign language. Language education occurs in our schools at all levels, from kindergarten through high school, and these schools need language teachers, especially Spanish teachers. Armstrong's BA in Spanish with Teacher Certification allows students to obtain the same Spanish degree as all Spanish majors and to possess, at graduation, a Georgia teacher certificate to teach Spanish in grades K-12. In addition to the Spanish courses for the major, students in this program take the basic courses in education and specialized courses in teaching Spanish: Content and Methods in Spanish Education, a pre-teaching internship, and a full-semester student teaching internship in Spanish.

Download the Spanish with Teacher Certification Program Checklist [, 215KB].


Four Year Plan: Spanish with Teacher Ceritification [, 11KB]

Spanish Placement Exam