Liberal Studies

Fall 2013
The Liberal Studies program was approved to add three new tracks to its curriculum.  The three tracks are:  Sociology, Philosophy and International Affairs.  More information on the tracks are listed in PDF format under Liberal Studies program requirements (on the right hand side of the column).

May 2012
Advisement and registration for fall 2012 is still active so if you have not registered for fall semester yet, please call 912-344-2613 to schedule an appt.

April 2010
The Office of Liberal Studies has moved from Solms 211 to downstairs in Solms 109.  Peggy Clifton is located in Solms 109B.

October 2010
Spring 2011 early advisement/registration
The advisement period for spring 2011 will run from November 1 through November 19.  (November 1 through November 5 is reserved for Liberal Studies students who plan to graduate in May 2011.)  Pre-registration will begin November 3 through December 6 and December 14 through January 9.  You will need to schedule an advisement session with Peggy Clifton by calling 344 2613, or by visiting Solms Hall 109.  (Sign-up sheets will be available Monday, October 18 and will be in a white notebook on the front counter.) 

Registration times have been assigned by the Registrar’s Office, therefore, please check your SHIP account for your registration time.  The spring course schedule will soon be available on SHIP.  This should give you an opportunity before the advisement session to begin planning your spring schedule.