Graduate Program of Study


Public History

Students pursuing the Public History track complete 15 hours of public history coursework and take 9 additional hours of specialized courses. They then complete and defend a 6-hour Professional Internship Project. Recent student internship placements have included:

Our public history course offerings include:

  • Introduction to Digital History
  • Oral History
  • American Materal Culture
  • Archival Studies
  • Topics in Architectural History
  • Historic Preservation
  • Museum Studies
  • Heritage Tourism
  • Introduction to Document Edititing 

American or World History 

Students pursuing either the American or World History track complete the Graduate Colloquium and Graduate Seminar, 18-21 hours of specialized courses, and 3-6 hours of public history courses. Students may choose to complete their degree work either through revision and defense of a Seminar Paper or passing written and oral Comprehensive Exams.

Seminar Paper

Students opting for the Seminar Paper route may choose to enroll for a Directed Readings course in which to refine and develop their paper prior to defense. Seminar papers meet the standards of an article-length scholarly publication in the discipline of History, demonstrating appropriate research, writing, and citation.

Comprehensive Exams

Students choosing the Comprehensive Exam path to degree completion assemble a committee of three faculty members. In consultation with their committee, they develop reading lists for the exams, which may draw upon coursework the student has completed. After completing the written portion of the exam, the student also completes an oral examination by the committee

Courses offered in each area of concentration:

American History

Topics in U.S. Foreign Relations
Topics in History of Georgia
Topics in the History of American Reform
Topics in the History of the American South
Topics in Urban History
Topics in African-American History
Topics in the History of Women & Gender in America
Topics in American Thought and Culture

World History

Topics in Latin American History
Topics in Middle Eastern History
Topics in African History
Topics in Asian History
History of Russian/Soviet Foreign Policy
Topics in Modern European History
Topics in European Intellectual and Cultural History
Topics in British History
Topics in the History of Women & Gender in Europe

Graduate Certificate in Public History