Gender Studies


Armstrong's Gender Studies program offers both an undergraduate major and an undergraduate minor.

The B.A. degree offers a sustained course of study that draws upon various perspectives of human experience in areas as diverse as literature, history, art, political science, sociology, and psychology. The core of the degree includes three introductory level Gender Studies courses, a foreign language requirement, and several upper-level courses including Feminist Theory and History of American Women. GST students will be required to complete upper-level classes in both the Arts and Humanities and in the Social/Behavioral Sciences and Health Professions. Students will also complete a Junior/Senior Seminar and a separate minor field of study. The program of study is designed to offer a well-rounded undergraduate education alone, or function as a double major with many of the university's other areas of study.

Career Options

There is an ever-increasing need for graduates with a background in Gender Studies. Professionals must develop, assess, and implement programs designed to address serious societal issues that are heavily impacted by gender and racial or ethnic differences.  While many academic fields touch briefly on these issues, this approach is no longer sufficient.  Societal concerns related to gender and diversity are now so complex and the body of gender-related research is so substantial that many professional fields require graduates who are educated specifically in these interdisciplinary matters. 

A major in Gender Studies addresses these societal and academic needs in a way that creates a breadth of focus not available in many traditional undergraduate degrees. These attributes make Gender Studies students valuable candidates for jobs in many fields. Some of the potential career options for GST students include those in the areas of the arts, business, social work and psychology, media, politics and law, sports, education, and health care.

Programs of Study