Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with Teacher Certification

Students who earn a BA in Spanish with Teacher Certification at Armstrong Atlantic State University will earn the same Spanish degree as all Spanish majors, but will also obtain a teaching certificate to teach Spanish in grades K-12. In addition to taking classes in Spanish language, literature and culture, students will study education topics including classroom management and content and methods for teaching Spanish.

Career Opportunities

With the influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants, as well as the native Spanish-speaking population, the United States has become the third largest Spanish-speaking country. Consequently, the Hispanic segment of society will become the most prevalent minority group.

As a result, it is ever more important for students to gain knowledge of a foreign language. Language education occurs in our schools at all levels, from kindergarten through high school, and these schools need language teachers, especially Spanish teachers. Our graduates are equipped to begin careers as Spanish educators in various capacities in public and private education systems.

Program Features

Spanish majors and minors have access to the department's language lab, equipped with computers, language software, study resources, and foreign language tutors.

Course of Study

Spanish Education majors are required to complete 30 credit hours in upper-level, major field Spanish courses, and 32 hours in pedagogy courses. The major field courses include language classes (conversation, composition, grammar and syntax), classes in all literary genres, and classes devoted to the study of Latin American and Spanish culture. In addition to the Spanish courses for the major, the pedagogy curriculum includes basic courses in education and specialized courses in teaching Spanish: Content and Methods in Spanish Education, a pre-teaching internship, and a full-semester, student teaching internship in Spanish.