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Graduate Coordinator

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Department Secretary

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Department of Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

Armstrong State University's Master's degree in Criminal Justice provides qualified professionals in criminal justice for southeast Georgia and the nation. The program prepares graduates with:

  • Sophisticated knowledge of the criminal justice system and understanding of the administration of individual criminal justice agencies
  • Skills to apply advanced research methodology to collect, analyze, synthesize, and report information and empirical data
  • Sensitivity prerequisite to ethical practice and professionalism as a criminal justice practitioner

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Criminal Justice, students are eligible for careers in criminal justice agency administration, planning, policy development and analysis, and management.

Graduates with a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice will be prepared to compete for many job opportunities. In the public sector, our students have found employment in a wide range of fields including the FBI, Treasury Department, and the Bureau of Prisons at the federal level, various correctional and law enforcement agencies at the state and local levels, and in government planning and analytical positions. In the private sector, our graduates have enjoyed placement in administration and in a variety of nonprofit service agencies.

Program Features

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice at Armstrong is one of only three such programs in Georgia. Armstrong offers a comfortable, friendly university setting with emphasis on small class sizes and personalized instruction. The Criminal Justice Program is housed in the Department of Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science within University Hall, in the same building with the Law Enforcement Training Center (Regional Police Academy) and across the street from the regional office of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and State Crime Lab. A modern library supports the programs of the department.

Course of Study

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice requires the completion of 36 semester hours of approved course work. The student will have the option of (1) writing a thesis, (2) doing a field practicum, or (3) successfully completing two additional courses (electives) as part of the program of study. The first option entails a thesis defense, the latter two a comprehensive examination.

Program Details