Professional Communication and Leadership Graduate Certificate

Savannah is well known for its history, beauty, and rich culture, but the region is also home to a variety of professions, including healthcare, business management, human resources, manufacturing, media, nonprofits, and law. Employers in all of these fields desire to hire professionals with sharp communication skills and leadership potential. Armstrongf State University’s Certificate in Professional Communication and Leadership responds to this community need. 

The College of Liberal Arts, through a combined effort from faculty in several departments, offers a 15 credit hour, interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Professional Communication and Leadership, which will appeal to both traditional and non-traditional students beyond the B.A. level, who seek professional training and education to advance their careers.  Students will complete coursework in written and verbal communication, critical thinking, and leadership. The interdisciplinary nature of the program and its focus on professional development will prepare competent professionals for employment in a variety of workplace settings.