About the College of Liberal Arts

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts. Our mission is to prepare students for their careers and lives, in part by helping them to refine their analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills. Our courses, ranging from ethics to economics, painting to political science, and world civilization to women's studies, offer a foundation of knowledge essential to a productive, fulfilled life, an international perspective that sheds light on issues of diversity and shapes responsible global citizens, and an intellectual and ethical rigor that will inform judgments and decisions made long after graduation.

We offer twelve majors and twenty-seven minors, including a host of interdisciplinary programs that encourage students to examine issues from multiple perspectives. Many of our students study abroad, participate in internships, undertake research projects, perform on and beyond Armstrong's stages, and engage in state, regional, and national competitions.

As fields of specialization become increasingly more telescopic in a world whose complexity demands a wide-angle lens, programs in the liberal arts prepare students for graduate and professional programs and foster those skills most valued by employers, including problem-solving, creative thinking, and effective communication.

I invite you to engage with our distinguished faculty, to grapple with difficult issues, and to challenge the status quo.

Laura Barrett, Dean