Criminal Justice, Social & Political Science

Program of Study for BA in Political Science

General Requirements

Core Areas A, B, C, D, and E (42 hours)
Area F (18 hours)

MATH 2200 - Elementary Statistics
POLS 2200 - Introduction to American Government
One of the following:
     POLS 1150 - World Politics
     POLS 1200 - Ethical Theories and Moral Issues in Government
          POLS 2290 - Foundations of International Relations
Nine hours of a foreign language sequence numbered 1002 or above

Physical Education (3 hours)

Major Field Courses (36 hours)

Introduction to Political Science -
POLS 2100

Ten courses from the following with at least one course from each area:

American Political Institutions
POLS 3150 - American Supreme Court
POLS 3160 - Judicial Politics and Strategies
POLS 3190 - Military Law
POLS 3980 - African Americans & the American Political System
POLS 3990 - Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 4100 - Independent Study in American Government
POLS 4110 - American Presidency
POLS 4150 - American Supreme Court
POLS 4160 - American Congress
POLS 4170 - Constitutional Law and the Federal System
POLS 4171 - Constitutional Civil Liberties
POLS 4190 - Environmental Laws and Regulations
CRJU/POLS 5500U - Law and Legal Process

Political Theory
POLS 3320 - American Political Thought
POLS 3340 - Politics and Ideology in Contemporary Europe
POLS 3350 - Classics of Political Thought
POLS 3360/SOCI 3360 - Social Theory
POLS 3990 - Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 4300 - Religion and Political Thought
POLS 5100U - Politics and the Visual Arts
POLS 5300U - Marxism, Socialism, and Democracy
POLS 5535U - Public Leadership and Ethics in Theory and Practice

International Relations
POLS 3990 - Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 4200 - Independent Study in International Relations
POLS 5110U - The Politics of Defense and National Security Policy
CRJU/POLS 5130U - Political Terrorism
POLS 5210U - International Law
POLS 5220U - Theory of International Relations
POLS 5230U - Constitutional Law of Foreign Policy
POLS 5250U - International Organizations
POLS 5270U - Intelligence and National Security Policy
POLS 5280U - Seminar in Global Politics
POLS 5290U - American Foreign Policy
POLS 5510U - Third World National Security
POLS 5530U - Global Environmental Politics
POLS 5560U - Comparative Foreign Policy

Comparative Politics
POLS 3990 - Special Topics in Political Science
POLS 4400 - Independent Study in Comparative Government
POLS 5260U - Media and Politics in Latin America
POLS 5280U - Seminar in Global Politics
POLS 5430U - African Politics
POLS 5440U - Latin American Politics
SOCI/POLS 5450U - Political Sociology of Nationalism
POLS 5460U - Governments of East Asia
POLS 5490U - Political Transformation of the Former Soviet Union
CRJU/POLS 5520U - Comparative Judicial Systems
POLS 5560U - Comparative Foreign Policy

Capstone course: POLS 4950 - Political Research Methods or CRJU 3100 - Research Methods

Electives (24 hours)
Including a minimum of 15 hours of upper division courses

Total Semester Hours 123 hours

Exit Exam: Area Concentration Achievement Test in Political Science


Minors and Certificates Program of Study