Criminal Justice, Social & Political Science

Moot Court Class

This course is a cross listed course in Political Science and Criminal Justice. Students of any major are permitted to take this course as long as they meet the prerequisites of ENGL 1102 and COMM 2280 or POLS 2200. This course is only offered in the Fall semester and is repeatable for those students who would like to hone their legal, writing, and public speaking skills.

This is a graded course in which a written assignment (appellate brief) is required and the student must compete at the regional tournament. If the student does not earn a B or better in Moot Court I, he or she will not be permitted to take Moot Court II. The focus of this 3 credit hour course is to develop the student’s writing skills, forensic ability, and legal acumen. This is done by preparing students to compete in the oral competition for the regional tournament and the writing of the appellate brief, which will be submitted to the national competition in January the following semester.

Once a student is in the class, they are a member of the Armstrong Moot Court team. The student will represent Armstrong at a regional tournament in the fall Semester.