Criminal Justice, Social & Political Science

Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society

A Law and Society degree provides:

  • An interdisciplinary liberal arts education in focused on the relationship between societal issues, the law, and government.
  • Preparation for careers in public service.
  • Exposure to relevant topics in government, criminal justice, history, political theory, sociology, economics, philosophy and psychology.
  • Preparation for the pursuit of graduate studies in related fields.

Earning a four-year degree at Armstrong State University in Law and Society will enable the student to understand complex issues that affect American society and their relationship to the Constitution and the various levels of government that are responsible for their management.

Career Options

Law and Society prepares graduates for careers in public service at the local, state or federal level; nonprofit public assistance organizations; graduate studies in the social sciences, or law school. As an interdisciplinary program, the Law and Society major, with his/her exposure to a broad range of knowledge, is attractive to a variety of prospective employers in both the public and private sectors, and provides the graduate with the flexibility to pursue any number of career options.

Employment Outlook

As our modern, highly diverse society continues to grow and mature, government agencies and nonprofit organizations will seek graduates educated in the issues that affect deeply, for good and otherwise, American life. The management of and solutions for the great majority of these issues are located in public and quasi-public organizations, which are governed by an array of laws, rules, and regulations. The ability to understand clearly the nexus between these problems and requirements upon those who deal with them is the essence of a degree in Law and Society. For those who are considering post-baccalaureate graduate education, this degree will prepare the student for studies in any of the sub-disciplines that compose the Law and Society program.


Program of Study
BA in Law and Society Four Year Graduation Plan