Street Journal: An Exhibition of Documentary Paintings
Artwork of Atlanta painter, Christina Bray

When:August 15th through September 9th
Where:Fine Arts Gallery
Admission:free admission, no tickets necessary

About this event:
Armstrong AMT presents Street Journal: An Exhibition of Documentary Paintings, a solo guest art exhibition of Atlanta painter Christina Bray.

Bray’s paintings focus on urban and institutional sites in the South that reveal compelling stories. She investigates the sites and then creates documentary paintings of what she saw and experienced. Some of the sites have long and infamous histories, as is evidenced in Bray’s paintings of the derelict buildings and obsolete equipment of Central State (psychiatric) Hospital in Milledgeville, Georgia. Other paintings in this body of work are of popular urban exploration sites in Atlanta, including the abandoned Pullman Rail Yard and the Krog Street Tunnel, both of which are interesting to Bray because of their recent transformation by graffiti writers. Still other paintings in the exhibit focus on the flood-ravaged homes and churches of post-Katrina New Orleans. The paintings are like photojournalism; they report on subjects that have endured some form of disaster, controversy, transformation, or have been the setting for human suffering.

Join Ms. Bray for a gallery reception at noon, Friday, August 31st.

Armstrong Fine Arts Gallery
Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays

Admission is free.

Call 344.2801 from noon to 3 p.m., weekdays, for information.