Mortal Coil: Artwork of Jennifer Onofrio Fornes
Guest Artist Series Gallery Exhibition

When:November 7th through December 9th
Where:Fine Arts Gallery
Admission:free admission, no tickets necessary

About this event:
Concurrent with Armstrong Senior Art majors' exhibition at Savannah Mall, Armstrong AMT presents “Mortal Coil" a solo guest art exhibition of artist Jennifer Onofrio Fornes' photo-inspired mixed media.

Speaking of her own work, Ms. Fornes states "As a mixed media artist, I gravitate towards materials that address my conceptual concerns. Photography’s ability to function as a memory trigger is a facet of the medium that I am drawn to. We look to photography to claim our place in the world and our understanding of the world. ... Because we are continually reconstructing our experiences over time, our perception of those events is constantly in flux. Whether good or bad, the further we move away from the events, the more we fabricate what actually occurred. The fraction of a second that is recorded on film not only speaks to the specific moment that the event took place but to the past and the understanding that there could be great gaps between the two. These gaps are what I explore in the studio."

Join Ms. Fornes for a gallery reception at noon, Thursday, November 10th.

Armstrong Fine Arts Gallery
Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays

Admission is free.

Call 344.2801 from noon to 3 p.m., weekdays, for information.