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Art Gallery

The Armstrong Fine Arts Gallery has 9-10 exhibitions per academic year. There are 3 annual open exhibition times; 6 shows including faculty and student exhibitions, and the Annual Georgia U.S. 1st Congressional District Juried High School Exhibition. Armstrong is a state university of approximately 7,000 students in a community of approximately 128,000 city residents and 250,000 county residents.

The gallery is in the shape of an L with 9’ 5” high walls (8’ 7” to bottom of lighting track fixtures), maple flooring and sheetrock walls with plywood backing. The gallery has a dropped ceiling with low voltage track lighting. There is approximately 1257 square feet of floor space and 132 linear feet of wall hanging space. The gallery also has three, double sided, mobile wall systems, that are 5’ wide x 8’ high. They add 30 additional linear feet of wall space and 240 additional square feet of wall space.

Armstrong's 2012 Inaugural National Juried Exhibition

Fall 2010 Senior Art Exhibition - "9+1 Senior Art Exhibition" at the Savannah Mall

Spring 2010 Senior Art Exhibition - "The Works" at the Savannah Mall

"Longitudes and Latitudes" - Armstrong Fine Arts Gallery