2014 2D exhibition

Chris Valle, Packaged Series: Tatt, First Place

Armstrong National 2-D Competition Exhibition
Third Annual Juried Exhibition

When:January 13th through January 28th
Where:Fine Arts Gallery
Admission:free admission, no tickets necessary

About this event:

Armstrong AMT presents its third annual National Two-Dimensional Competition Art Exhibition.

As described by juror Courtney McNeil, curator of Art at Savannah’s Telfair Museums, this year’s exhibit features a variety of media ranging from "delicately rendered realistic paintings to manipulated photography to experimental mixed media work; nearly every 2-D medium is represented."

McNeil narrowed the 300 submissions sent by artists from all over the country to the 30 finalists invited to display work in the exhibit. She stated "The pool of applicants for this year’s Armstrong National 2-D Exhibition was noteworthy both for its quality and its variety of style, media, and technique. Winnowing down the applications was certainly a challenge, as there simply was not enough space to accommodate all of the talented artists who entered the competition."

Associate professor of Art and gallery director, Pang-Chieh Hsu discussed the rich place of opportunity this exhibit fills in today’s art world: "From my point-of-view, it is an odd time for 2-D visual artists in this generation. To engage in making art today, you not only need to consider at once your concept, medium, and narrative in each work of art, you also need to figure out how to make sure as many people as possible see your work. This can create a sense of the unknown when it comes to contemporary art, especially for our young artists."

McNeil's hope was "that the works ultimately selected for the show will demonstrate the sheer variety of the work being produced by today's emerging and mid-career artists."

Award winning entries:
1st- Chris Valle, Packaged Series: Tatt (pictured above), Painting, 15" x 30" (Tampa, Florida)
2nd- Steven Skowron, Imago, Printmaking 9” x 11” (Alexandria, Virginia)
3rd- Rachel Greneker, Wichi Shed, Cut Paper 18” x 24” (Savannah, Georgia)
Honorable Mention- Bill Barton, Portland Pier, Painting, 16” x 20” (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

Artists and respective works selected for exhibition:

Dakota Nanton, untitled
Printmaking, 15” x 19” (Boulder, Colorado)

Michael Arnett, Rome Spoils
Printmaking, 16” x 22” (Beaufort, South Carolina)

Jon Goebel, Caught
Printmaking, 11” x 14” (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Jon Goebel, Orchid
Printmaking, 14” x 11” (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Cyane Tornatzky, FatShaker
Inkjet on PVC, 22” x 22” (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Juliet Ann Martin, Bill W.
Fabric, 14” x 40” (New York, New York)

Horace Williams, King of the South
Painting, 37” x 37” (Fayetteville, Georgia)

Horace Williams, Uncertain Hope for the Southern Negro
Painting, 43” x 43” (Fayetteville, Georgia)

Bill Barton, Maine Light
Painting, 20” x 28” (Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

Stacy Leeman, Upstream W#14
Painting, 12” x 12” (Columbus, Ohio)

Anne Chesnut, Car Caroli from the Series Canes Venatici
Printmaking, 25” x 25” (Charlottesville, Virginia)

Leonard T. Antinori, Digital Nude
Digitial Illustration, 21” x 28” (Glen Head, New York)

Ronnie Cramer, Aisle 5
Painting, 14” x 11” (Denver, Colorado)

Nanyoung Kim, Fontenay, France
Photography, 11” x 17” (Greenville, North Carolina)

Michael Watson Ellison, Big God and Fireworks
Photography, 10” x 10” (Savannah, Georgia)

Russ Revock, Punishing Circus Disturbance
Printmaking, 5” x 7” (Cleveland, Ohio)

Tom Wergryznowski, Triumph of the Masters
Painting, 40” x 30” (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)

Michelle M. Flores, Church Puddle
Photography, 11” x 14” (Savannah, Georgia)

Michelle M. Flores, Ghost Lamp Post
Photography, 11” x 14” (Savannah, Georgia)

Amber D. Watts, Sacred Creatures No More
2D Mixed Media, 41” x 36” (Greenville, North Carolina)

Hoyt Ramey, Mr. Ogly
Photography, 11” x 11” (Savannah, Georgia)

Julie Crews, Clothes Hanging
Painting, 26” x 26” (Ruston, Louisiana)

Julie Crews, Steel Storage Containers
Painting, 26” x 26” (Ruston, Louisiana)

Catherine Jennings, December Afternoon, Sante Fe
Painting, 12” x 16” (Canadensis, Pennsylvania)

Diana Gonzalez, Amelie
Painting, 9” x 12” (Savannah, Georgia)

Tamie Beldue, Tangible Identities, Mary Claire
Drawing, 13” x 13” (Black Mountain, North Carolina)

Katherine Lear, Digital Landscape 41
Photography, 24” x 18” (Leesburg, Georgia)

Gallery reception:
Join AMT in celebrating the artists in our third national 2-D exhibition by attending a gallery reception at 5:30 p.m., Friday, January 24th.

Armstrong Fine Arts Gallery
Gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., weekdays

Admission is free.

Call 344.2801 from noon to 3 p.m., weekdays, for information.

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