Service Projects


Housing Clean-Up: Volunteers will assist with clean-up projects around the Housing community including picking up trash along the bike path and sweeping breezeways in the residential communities. 

Keep Savannah Beautiful: Volunteers will assist in the City of Savannah's spring clean-up. Volunteers will be picking up trash in downtown Savannah between Bay Street and River Street along Factors Walk.

Forsyth Park: Volunteers will clean-up Forsyth Park including trash pick up and other yard and grounds maintenance.

Logistics Team: Volunteers will help in managing the logistics of Treasure Savannah by running check-in the morning of the event, assisting with bus line-up, delivering water coolers and other projects to ensure Treasure Savannah kicks off right.  This volunteer shift begins at 6:45am and ends at 9am.

Savannah Chatham Animal Shelter: Volunteers will assist with laundry of the animals bedding, walking dogs, petting cats, and cleaning of the grounds.

Union Mission Grace House Kitchen: Volunteers will assist with the preparation of a meal at the Union Mission Grace House Kitchen and learn how they feed the individuals who live at the Grace House Shelter.

West Broad Street YMCA: Volunteers will assist with the West Broad Street YMCA fall clean-up event including cleaning toys and equipment, cleaning out the summer garden and preparing the garden for fall planting and mulching.  

Homeless Camp Clean-up: Volunteers will assist the Citizen Office of the City of Savannah in getting camps to a baseline cleanliness.

Girl Scout Camp Clean-up: Volunteers will assist with overall camp site and marsh cleanliness, including but not limiting, fallen tree branch clean-up, sweeping, and building fire pits. Please be sure to wear closed-toe shoes, jeans, and a long sleeved shirt.

Campus Clean-up: Volunteers will assist with various projects around campus such as, Project Mechanical Yard Clean-up, Project Brick Pathway Clean-up, and many more.