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"For me, it is the students – those who work their way through the classrooms, learn from us about the past, and have good memories of their time here – who make me happy to be a historian."
Professor June Hopkins

"Not infrequently, I find that the study of history requires a patience and curiosity to peel back layers of misguided if also genuine readings and interpretations that hide past models of the best of human agency. When this is true historical study for me takes on the dimension of a treasure hunt with the prize found in the construction of a historical meaning previously obscured, if not buried in the past."
Professor Michael Benjamin

"Studying history helped me make some fundamental decisions. Learning history is like learning more about myself and the rest of humanity."
Eric Beba, Information Technology 
"History should be diverse. I want my children to learn the stories of humanity's past within a spectrum of race and creed. History becomes interesting when stories of old are connected."
Austin Jackson, Communication

Featured Articles

Myth, Ritual, and the Labyrinth of King Minos

Nicole Tessmer
St. Louis University
"By using the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and comparing the tributes’ journey to a coming of age ritual, the story of King Minos labyrinth demonstrates the importance that the ancient Greeks placed on ritual...Upon walking the path, the children would experience a symbolic death and re-birth."

Christian Success or Pagan Assimilation? The Christianization of the Germanic-Speaking Tribes

Luca Ricci
University of Adelaide (Australia)
"Contact with the Germanic cultures presented several difficulties that the evangelizers had to tackle in order to ensure a successful Christianization, which ultimately was characterized by a fusion of Germanic and Christian elements."

Claiming Thomas Jefferson: The Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian Genesis of American Progressivism

Paul Joseph Krause
Baldwin Wallace University
"The language of Thomas Jefferson still resonates with modern progressivism and is evidence of that the allure of Jefferson, nearly two hundred years after his death, still holds much power in the American public conscience."

Featured Books

An Outsider in the White House

Andrew K. Mengle
United States Military Academy (West Point)

Glad’s work is an in-depth account of the internal workings of Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy staff that successfully illustrates how  Carter’s international objectives changed as a result of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ability to exploit  Carter’s inexperience and hijack his diplomatic agenda.

Featured Authors

Joshua Chanin
Austin College

Erin McHugh
St. Olaf College

Emily Sosolik
Arizona State University
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