Review Process

Process Overview

Institutional review processes will include required review of general education (i.e., the core curriculum) and specific degree program goals related to diversity. Review processes will be used to inform curricular change, assist in program development, and plan for resource allocation. The program review process incorporates both formative and summative data and is central to the university’s commitment to improving institutional effectiveness. Although analysis of inputs is important as part of the program review, the focus must be on program outcomes as indicators of program quality.

Process Timeline

  1. By June 30, programs will submit summary reports of student learning outcomes for the previous year's assessments and improvement plans for the coming year.
  2. During July, the deans will review summary reports and determine whether the information presented necessitates further review.
  3. By August 1, the Vice President and Dean of Faculty will notify programs scheduled for Comprehensive Program Review for the coming academic year.
  4. During Fall Semester, each program under review will complete a self-study report, as outlined in the CPR Report Guidelines. Completed self-study reports will be submitted to the Vice President by the first day of classes of Spring Semester.
  5. By October 1, the Vice President, in consultation with the appropriate deans and department heads, will appoint Review Teams for each program being reviewed. Review Teams will comprise external faculty/outside evaluators and must include at least three members. Review Teams will typically comprise one member from outside the program's department but inside the same school or college and one or two members from a different AASU school or college. The third member may be a peer reviewer from another institution. Any compensation for an external peer reviewer from another institution would require advance approval from the Vice President and Dean of Faculty.
  6. By January 31, having received the self-studies by the first day of classes, the Vice President will distribute copies to the respective Review Teams.
  7. During the first week of February, the Review Teams will review documentation, request any additional information needed, and schedule any on-campus visits.
  8. By March 15, Review Teams will submit their final reports to the Vice President, who will distribute copies to the appropriate deans, department heads, and Institutional Effectiveness Committee.
  9. By May 1, all responses from deans, departments, and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee are due to the Vice President.
  10. By June 1, the Vice President, in consultation with the affected deans and department heads, will make decisions concerning program adjustments and reallocation of resources. These decisions will be based on the self-studies, Review Team reports, unit responses, and any other available information.


CPR Report Guidelines