Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society of Nursing

Rho Psi Strategic Plan 2011-2012

Goal 1: Enhance chapter visibility

  1. Continue to evaluate and refine procedure for inviting new student members (Faculty Counselors)
    1. Eligibility Committee
  2. Promote and increase the number of nurse leader members inducted annually (Board Members)
    1. Rho Psi Newsletter published biannually
    2. Contacts and news publications of regional healthcare institutions
    3. Contacts at specialty nursing organizations and professional nursing groups
      1. Ann Hallock – Nurse Practitioners
      2. Tonya Tyson – Women and Children
      3. Amber Derksen – Oncology
      4. Cherie McCann - GNA
  3. Promote and increase retention of active members (Membership Committee)
    1. Offer continuing education programs (Research/Scholarship Day; Distinguished Lecture Event)
    2. Letters of welcome and information on STTI to new nurses in the area via new employee orientation packets
    3. Card of congratulations for new inductees along with Rho Psi newsletter and calendar of future events
  4. Foster new member involvement (Faculty Counselors)
    1. Seek new members for committee membership by including a form in the induction packet for new members to sign up for an area of interest
    2. Submit names of new inductees to AASU University Relations and Savannah Morning News for publication in newsletters / newspaper
    3. Submit calendar of Rho Psi events to AASU University Relations for publication in newsletter
  5. Utilize electronic communication (Communication Committee)
    1. Maintain an up-to-date Rho Psi website
    2. Distribute Rho Psi newsletter biannually via email and post copy on website
    3. Continue electronic voting
    4. Send email to members advertising upcoming board meetings and events

Goal II: Strengthen the financial base of chapter operations

  1. Generate revenue from non-dues resources (Treasurer)
    1. Prepare and monitor an annual budget
    2. Raffle items at Rho Psi events
    3. Implement silent auction at Distinguished Lecture Event
    4. Investigate promoting vendors for Research / Scholarship Day


Goal III: Develop the scholarship/leadership competencies of members

  1. Provide resources to foster research and clinical innovation (Board Members)
    1. Administer seed grants for approved research
    2. Advertise resources on Rho Psi website and newsletter
  2. Provide forums to support incorporation of research findings into practice (President Elect)
    1. Research / Scholarship Day
    2. Investigate opportunities to collaborate with regional health care systems to support evidenced based practice
  3. Promote leadership development and mentoring opportunities (President)
    1. New membership information session / tea
    2. First anniversary letter via email to new members
    3. Encourage leadership development through STTI events
    4. Collaborate with other organizations
  4. Recognize members achievements (Board Members)
    1. Survey membership via email for inclusion in Fall newsletter for information about accomplishments including research, publications, presentations
    2. Publish member accomplishments annually in Spring newsletter