Radiologic Sciences



Cardiovascular Interventional Sciences

The Cardiovascular Interventional Science (CVIS) student benefits from a lab space that has available all supplies necessary to simulate live cases. In addition, the lab houses a fluoroscopic C arm that is used for simulation of patient positioning and technique. Students have the opportunity improve clinical skills in a teaching environment as opposed to a live clinical setting. This allows for more rapid advancement in skills once they begin the clinical education sequence.

Nuclear Medicine

The nuclear medicine lab consists of a Siemens Orbiter Camera and computer. During the laboratory experience the students participate in demonstrations and simulations. Since venipuncture is such a critical skill set used in Nuclear Medicine these labs are taught using live models.

Radiation Therapy

The radiation therapy program has lab space for treatment planning including two Eclipse treatment planning computers with corresponding software, and a 60 inch LCD for treatment planning classroom instruction. These systems are capable of performing standard, 3D conformal, IMRT, and beam optimization treatment planning for radiation therapy.


The radiography laboratory consists of four radiography rooms with General Electric Silhouette Radiographic Units, a PACS system, a darkroom, a viewing room for radiographic evaluation and critique, a film library, and a preparation room for anatomy, pathology, and procedural enhancement.


The sonography laboratory houses two ultrasound suites. Ultrasound equipment includes Acuson Aspen and Hitachi ultrasound systems. In addition, there is a film viewing room to assess exams/case studies acquired by sonography students, which demonstrate normal anatomy and pathology.